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lofi Monday Tapes picks

lofi Monday Tapes picks Tune out for my week#1 lofi hip hop tracks

The lofi Monday Tapes picks Let’s get started!

Ok, so what’s up fams? Have you checked my latest Interview of the amazing lofi artist Kristoffer Eikrem?

Moreover, If you enjoyed it I also recommend checking out this Interview of Makzo by clicking here.

Are you in for a treat? Well, I sure hope so. This week’s lofi Monday Tapes is featuring some interesting Artists from all around the world. I can’t thank you enough for submitting your tracks to this playlist, it really means a lot!

lofi Monday Tapes picks 5 Picks of Week#1

Let’s begin my first week’s pick, The lofi Monday Tapes will come with 5 picks every week. I’ll considerate every submission I receive via my Toneden submission form.

If you want to be Prioritised and considered for the TOP 5, submit via Ko-Fi here

MYR – Analog Equipment

Once again MYR is making his second single MYR is hitting the lofi community hard with this track. A super lofi Horns sample, haunting this beat, it’s a real vibe for the new lofi hip hop producer.

Kuppaa – Canopus

To continue our lofi Monday picks, Kuppaa is a French jazz-trained artist that developed a real passion for composing music and more particularly, chillhop, jazzhop lofi. His newly released track “Canopus” brings us in a small town in Japan, we can feel the air blushing our cheeks, contemplating the beautiful nature and its surrounding.

Stillness Bliss – Cosy

To begin with, a super chill track by the lofi producer Stillness Bliss. Really relaxing but still very catchy.Honestly a must check track this week.

CaliCronk – Remember

In addition to a lovely cover, it’s a really catchy vibe on this one. CaliCronk is steadily going wild with this deep lofi track. Already passed the million streams counter, we definitely understand why, this beat is fire. Check it out for this week’s lofi Monday tape

Funcc. feat Devon Rea – Wrapped Up

Not only it’s a super chill collab, very dreamy lofi hip hop and chillhop. A must check for this week’s Monday Tapes. That track is perfect to chill and relax or study with exactly what a pure lofi track is for.

lofi Monday Tapes picks 5 Picks of Week#2

In addition to this week, I’ve received more lofi submissions, really a pleasure to listen to all that talent, it’s amazing what you can find out there! Guys keep raising the level like crazy, each time I get amazed by the creativity and the textures in each sound. I hope you’ll enjoy this week tapes 😉

Nami – someday

Really clearly a very pleasant lo-fi soul full saxophone to get started with, really enjoyed the track, and its mellow vibe to it. I actually used the same sample on my track called “Magic Flow“, but somehow, this interpretation is totally different. Always fun to see what someone else comes out with.

GKthe3rd – homegrown pancakes

On top of that, this lo-fi track is very pleasant and chill, like most of my picks of course. This one has a very calm and slow vibe to it. The kick sound is really sweet and soft, just like I love. It’s a mellow and pleasure track by GKthe3rd, this one could definitely be on the sleepy relaxing side 😉 Hope you’ll dig it, shootout to him!

Cobes Corner – Lofi Lockdown

Once again, this awesome lofi chillhop track is really soft and sweet. When submitting this track Cobes Corner told me that he was inspired by the lockdown and the fact that everyone was stuck at home. Quite a hard task to be honest, but I think what he meant is to remain joyful and happy even though this time can feel quite tough. Hope you dig it guys!

Symeze feat Lazy Tree Records – Gone Fishing

Incredibly very pure lofi hip hop track that fits perfectly into the playlist. The soft keyboards with the horns/sax samples create a really interesting and sweet texture to this track.

after noon feat Kurt Stewart – Orchild

No, this one is not about Rod Stewart but probably his spiritual brother Kurt Stewart, damn that was too easy I know 😉 Nah, you got me guys, this has nothing to do with good old-school vintage rock.

Without a doubt, It’s all about lo-fi hip hop and lofi moods. Very interesting sound design in this track. Really fall in love with that snare (which definitely isn’t a typical snare sound) but really serves the song the whole way.

On top of that, I love that snare guys. Very nice vibe to this, perfect to focus and study on! Have a listen, enjoy the gem!


To conclude, this week’s tape is brought to you by Widen Island, and it will be a weekly Tapes that we will feature here. Make sure to participate if you want to be promoted.

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