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Submit Music for Label Release

You can now submit music for label release.

Send us your Demo Submissions of unreleased music to  

We will listen with care and attention 😊

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your unreleased music to us. 

  • The track must be previously unreleased
  • Email the track to
  • The link must be a Google Drive link
  • Email subject: Demo Submission – Name of the song
  • The track must be a wav file exported of 24 bits
  • We recommend that the Master volume should be in the range of -12 and -14 lufs

If you just want to submit to our lofi hip-hop & Bedroom pop Spotify Playlists please head to our Playlists page.

If you want to support what we do, consider giving us  coffee ☕ 

What do you get when you submit your music to us? 

  • We will take care of the marketing and music promotion for you.
  • We will start campaigns on both Submithub and Facebook, continuously.
  • We will create a good looking cover art and potentially merch/goodies
  • All the money we earn is invested in music promotion and marketing.
  • We strive to provide the biggest exposure possible.
  • You will get more exposure on our website, more exposure on Spotify, and grow your network.
  • We will share post and music promo on social media platforms such as our Instagram and our Youtube channel.
Tips: Listen to the releases we have already made on Spotify.
This way you can get a glimpse of what type of lofi hip-hop, chillhop and Bedroom pop, we typically share on the channel.
We are always looking for new artists to promote so don’t be shy, it never hurts to try! 🙂

Do you want to check our blog and hear more about our promoted artists? 

Make sure to head to our Blog and see our latest news.