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Submissions to my Lofi Hip Hop Playlists are open right now, please Follow my profile and listen to get a feel of the vibe of the playlists.  You can also follow @Widen_Island on Instagram to stay up to date on updates, Samples & Tapes.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Edwin, I breathe and dream music all day, daydreaming in my bedroom making both lofi beats and indie beach rock.

Lofi - Chillhop &
Bedroom pop

lofi hip-hop radio 24/7 with lofi Girl

How to make a Lofi hip-hop radio 24/7?

Intro: Lofi hip-hop radio 24/7 | Expectations vs. Reality With famous success stories like the lofi Girl, or Chillhop radio and now many many more.

The BREED a Widen Island INTERVIEW

Intro: The BREED To continue our lofi hip hop producers Interview series, I had the honour of interviewing The BREED, a german producer that’s been

lofi Monday Tapes picks

lofi Monday Tapes picks Tune out for my week#1 lofi hip hop tracks The lofi Monday Tapes picks Let’s get started! Ok, so what’s up

Who’s Kristoffer Eikrem?

Introduction: Kristoffer Eikrem To begin with, our series of Interviews of lo-fi artists I had the pleasure to get to know a bit deeper the


Latest Youtube mix 👾[Majestic beats]

Majestic Beats [Jazz Hop / Lo Fi / Chill Mix]

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