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lofi music Artist Makzo releases “Wanderlust” with Chillhop music

Intro: lofi music artist Makzo

the Lofi music Artist Makzo being a big fan of my blog, I had to talk about his upcoming release called “Wanderlust” A beautiful album that is composed of 10 tracks, a medley of downtempo, spacey and jazzy instrumentals. The Lofi music Artist Makzo also insisted on the fact that It also features some of the biggest names in the instrumental hip-hop scene, such as The Kount, goosetaf, Oatmello and many more.

Lofi music Artist Makzo

When did the music journey of the Lofi music Artist Makzo started?

The Lofi music Artist Makzo’s musical journey started as a young kid at around 8 years old. My dad forced me into piano and drum lessons which I hated at the time, but looking into it now, I am now so thankful for it. I did some music classes when I was in high school and also in university and I started taking music production and lofi hip hop productions more seriously in my 2nd year of university. When it comes to composing on DAW (digital audio workstation), I started on Garageband, then went to Logic Pro, and now I’m using Ableton.

lofi music artist Makzo chillhop music
lofi music artist Makzo

Describe your collaboration with Chillhop Music?

The lofi music artist Makzo shared with us his experience with collaborating with Chillhop music. As with many of the people I’ve worked with, I was a fan before I became a friend.

My relationship with Chillhop Music is no different from the rule. I used to watch all of their streams and follow their releases, so when I got the chance to release an album with them it was like a dream come true. It was actually falcxne who initially connected me with them when we signed our track “Leaves“, and the rest is history! It’s an amazing team, most of their staff are artists themselves, and they’re always fun to work with. You can be sure to expect more lofi with the music artist Makzo on Chillhop soon. 

Any tips for upcoming Lofi Artists to get into lofi-hip hop labels?

Lofi music Artist Makzo says the best way is to set yourself apart. There are a lot of similar beats out there, and being unique is probably the best way to get noticed by the labels you want to release with. Once you find your own style, you’re gold.

Wanderlust by the lofi music artist Makzo Released by chillhop music
“Wanderlust” by lofi music artist Makzo Released by Chillhop Music

Any useful links to share?

Lofi music artist Makzo shared a special link about the contradiction and paradox in the lo-fi hip hop musical genre. You can find the document and download it here

Emma Winston and Laurence Saywood from the Goldsmiths, University of London wrote this text. The Article is an attempt of explaining the roots and the provenance of the lofi hip hop genre. It’s an interesting article that is actually around 15 pages long, so a lot of thoughts and work have been put in into this article. Make sure to check it out if you’re interested in learning more about lofi hiphop music in a general matter.

What tool are you always using when composing?

“The most powerful tools you have in your arsenal are already in your DAW”

lofi music artist Makzo have not released a track that doesn’t have some sort of compression, EQ or filter, or on it. Aside from the standard processing, I really like using bit-crushers, saturation, and amp simulations. I definitely love the RC-20 and Fab-filter Saturn. When it comes to 3rd party plug-ins, but I use tons of Ableton stock plugins. To be honest, it’s quite underrated. Between you and me, the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal are already in your DAW.

Picture of the lofi music artist Makzo chillhop music
lofi Music Artist Makzo

What piece of gear you can’t help but put in your productions?

Lofi music Artist Makzo  Recommendations

Well, instrument wise I’m always drawn towards grand piano sounds (Addictive Keys, imagiro piano) and Rhodes (Arturia, Lounge Lizard). I also use Serum a lot, and I just bought a Yamaha Reface CS as my first analog synth! Otherwise in my setup, I’m using the AKAI MPK49 keyboard as well as the MPD226.

Widen Island Keyboard Recommendation
Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 keyboard

Where should we go to find out more about the lofi music artist Makzo?

You can find more about me on the Official Chillhop website as well as the Stereofox Music Blog. I did an interview about my new album Wanderlust here:

I also did an interview with Stereofox about my last project called “Anecdotes”


That’s about it and now of course proud to be on Widen Island 😉

Is the lofi music artist Makzo down for collabs?

When it comes to collaborations, I am down for it, however, I am still quite picky about who I work with. So let’s say that If I like your stuff, no reason why we won’t be able to work together!

Make sure to follow the awesome lofi music artist Makzo on Socials here on Instagram and here on all platforms.

lofi music artist Makzo djing live music
Makzo lofi Artist

Final Tips for upcoming lofi Hiphop producers?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite artists. It may sound crazy but they might respond! And if you’re lucky they’ll even give you some insight into their process in making lofi hip hop music as well as telling you more about their inspirations.

Another tip that I mentioned before would be to try and find your own style, whether that be in the chords/gear/processing you use. Make it yours, and people might come to know you for it. Being unique is probably the best skill anyone can get as a music producer in general but also within the lofi musical genre.


Part I

The lofi music artist Makzo shared with me his new release. I must say that I really enjoyed listening to the tracks. I really enjoyed the overall vibe of the album and it definitely inspired me in some ways.

Though I’m always focusing on doing my own lofi hiphop and do my own stuff. From time to time, it does feel great to just listen to lofi music. Just get into the world of another lofi music producer.

Part II

The first track of the album called “Viatecture” featuring the lofi hip hop artist Leavv is a pure pleasant vibe which features an amazing saxophone sound towards the middle/end of the track and really set the tone of this album, such a relaxing and feel-good vibe.

lofi music Artist Makzo is really paying attention to detail in his sound design. The tracks are polished with amazing vox kind of sounds. Makzo uses vocals samples or catchy vocals (vox pads perhaps) with sweet bass sounds like on the second track “Caravan” .

Featuring amazing artist goosetaf and The Field Tapes.

Part III

When it comes to lofi textures, I really liked the track called “Safe Heaven“, with such an inspiring bassline and different keys sounds throughout the track. There are FX, voice samples and truly amazing sound design in it. It’s really a well-developed track that carries a dreamy melody and enchanting meditating mood.

Without a doubt I would recommend the album “Wanderlust” to any lofi producer or lofi hip-hop admirers as it really is a well produced album featuring the big names of the lofi hiphop community such as goosetaf, The Field Tapes, Oatmello, Leavv, brillion and many others.

Final Thoughts

Here is a preview of the album so you can end this interview by listening to the whole album. To simply relax or get inspired for producing amazing and polished lofi hip hop beats. Don’t forget that like the lofi music artist Makzo said during the interview. The music is powerful if it is your own if somehow you make it your own. Put yourself in your track, find some unique kind of way to make your own sound. Your own music and it the long run, you know it will pay off! Keep at it, upgrade, improve, persist and create.

Final conclusion

If you want to join the Chillhop music community, make sure to head to Chillhop Music Website.

In the meantime, if you’ve been reading the whole article, you are a true inspiration. You are the reason why I take pride in writing good content on my blog, so to you my friend, I want to say.

Long live lofi, and long live lofi hiphop, make it relax thousand and thousands of students, workers, stressed people and anyone willing to get carried away by a tasteful mix of lofi textures and smooth jazzy vibes. <3

Peace and love!


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