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The BREED a Widen Island INTERVIEW

Intro: The BREED To continue our lofi hip hop producers Interview series, I had the honour of interviewing The BREED, a german producer that’s been well-known for producing super polished and sound pleasing tracks that could be listened to on repeat for days without getting tired at all. The BREED has worked with well-known artists such as Anderson Paark and Kodak Black to say a few. What did he share? He’s been sharing with me some of his best tips and inspirations. I really hope that it will make you guys, lofi addicts, and lofi hip hop producers, enriched and inspired of all the good stuff that came out of this dope Interview. I’m not saying this because I wrote it entirely. The BREED hasn’t talked a lot to any… Read More »The BREED a Widen Island INTERVIEW

Who’s Kristoffer Eikrem?

Introduction: Kristoffer Eikrem To begin with, our series of Interviews of lo-fi artists I had the pleasure to get to know a bit deeper the independent and dope lofi Artist called Kristoffer Eikrem from Norway. As a formal trumpeter, Kris has always been fascinated with Jazz. I’ve been following his journey on Instagram @kristoffereikrem he always post awesome content and relaxing lofi tapes that I always admire. Check all his profiles and socials I highly recommend you guys to head on to your Instagram and follow his profile to stay tuned of what Kristoffer is up to. Head right away and check Kristoffer’s music, while you’re reading this interview that I made with lot’s of passion and attention. He took a lot of time to respond to all my questions,… Read More »Who’s Kristoffer Eikrem?