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lofi Monday Tapes picks

lofi Monday Tapes picks Tune out for my week#1 lofi hip hop tracks The lofi Monday Tapes picks Let’s get started! Ok, so what’s up fams? Have you checked my latest Interview of the amazing lofi artist Kristoffer Eikrem? Moreover, If you enjoyed it I also recommend checking out this Interview of Makzo by clicking here. Are you in for a treat? Well, I sure hope so. This week’s lofi Monday Tapes is featuring some interesting Artists from all around the world. I can’t thank you enough for submitting your tracks to this playlist, it really means a lot! lofi Monday Tapes picks 5 Picks of Week#1 Let’s begin my first week’s pick, The lofi Monday Tapes will come with 5 picks every week. I’ll considerate every submission I receive… Read More »lofi Monday Tapes picks